1998 - Sanachie Records - Every Woman’s Blues - Compilation - “Baby You Busted”

1993 - Another Generation of the Blues

Hey Lady

Loving People  
Memory Left To Lose 
Love Hotel 
Dirty Things  
Mean Mean World  
Keep Your Pants On   
Funny But I Still Love You   
Angel Of The Blues  
Hang On For A While 


2002 - Blue Storm Music - Clarksdale To Heaven - Compilation - “One Bourbon One Scotch”


2004 - Face To Face - John Lee Hooker
Mean Mean World
Rock These Blues Away ***
  ** Written by John Lee Hooker & Zakiya Hooker


2015 - Live In Germany - Eutin Germany
In The Mood
Receipt To Sing The Blues
Another Kind Of Blues
Drowning In your Love
Look Me Up
Let’s Do Something

In The Mood
Hang On For A While
Art Of Divorce
One Step Two
Protect Me From The Blues
Sweet Baby J (John’s Song)


1997 - Flavors Of The Blues

Stones In My Passway
New Orleans Rain
Baby You Busted
Look Me Up
Protect Me From The Blues
Art Of Divorce
Receipt To Sing The Blues
Let’s Do Something
Drowning In Your Love
Bit By Love (Hard Times)


2003 - Colors Of The Blues - Argentina  
Damn Your Eyes  
Nobody Knows You  
Rainy Rainy Day   


2009 - Keeping It Real   
Hug You Kiss You Squeeze You 
Cold Cold Feeling   


Keeping It Real           
End Of The World Blues 
Love Hotel  
Love Forclosure   
One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer   
Scared To Love  
Over The Top  
What am I Gonna Do (without your love) 
Rock These Blues Away    


2020 - Legacy    
Front Door To Hell    
Hang On For A While    
Big Girl Panties    
Beautiful Eyes    
Love The Pain Away    
Love To The Rescue    
One More Dance    
What Am I Gonna Do    
Don’t Know How It Happened    
Front Door To Hell (Rock Version)    


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